Why ?

I created this blog after reading chapter 2 of fastai’s book, teaching deep learning with a top down approach, where they recommended starting a blog.

I really recommend checking their tutorials and courses, they are great

I don’t expect any clear content to start with. This is also a way to help me learn and get things sorted out inside my head. But hey, if you are reading this, you may be in the same situation and can get to learn along with me :wink:.

Content to expect

This will be a list of what I think will appear on this blog in the future, based on what I am currently doing / learning and what I want to learn in the future.

  • Machine learning
    • Deep learning
    • deep reinforcement learning
    • generative modeling
    • others
  • Some maths1
  • Rambling about topics such as:
    • Rocket Science and other science mystery things (sounds scary)
    • AI
    • Engineering and technology stuff
  1. I recently ordered my first math book and I intend to learn and understand math more deeply