Hi ! My name is Jonathan SANDS, a french engineering student just starting a master’s program in AI. If you want to learn more about me then you are in the right place !

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Quick overview of myself

  • 2016: French BaccalaurĂ©at, France’s national highschool exam. (17.9/20 average in Science, 15.5/20 average accounting all subjects)

  • 2016-2019: Studied at EPITA, a french computer science and software engineering focused engineering school.

  • 2018: I spent the first semester abroad in Beijing at BJTU, as part of an exchange agreement with my french school.

  • 2019-now: Studying at ESILV, another french engineering school part of the “PĂ´le Universitaire LĂ©onard de Vinci” (a group of several schools). I did my last year of undergraduate here, and just joined its master’s degree program in AI and data science.

I transfered from EPITA to ESILV because EPITA was mostly about coding brainlessly, whereas ESILV has a more scientific based approach I like better
  • 2020: During the first semester, I left for Romania to study at UBB, as part of an exchange program with my french school.
I was supposed to study a master's program in Control Science and Engineering at SJTU in Shanghai, as part of the UM-SJTU joint institute, starting 2020 for 2.5 years but I changed my mind because of the COVID-19 virus :cry:


  • Techie / Science stuff
    • Computer science
    • Rocket Science
    • Math
    • Everything new and exciting !
  • Life stuff
    • Traveling abroad / experiencing new cultures
    • Sports (volleyball, calisthenics, climbing, running, anything really :grin:)
    • Any new experience !


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